Tiling & Flooring

Sometimes simple updates can make a world of a difference. Tiling is a creative solution to increase the property’s value. Different types of flooring are available to suit every need. Consult with a flooring specialist today!

Pro Tips:

How to be creative with tiles and flooring. Think outside the box!


Tiles can be very versatile. Their appeal will be enhanced when properly installed. If you love the look of tiles but can not decide on the pattern, request assistance by one of our experienced pros! 

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Every project is different. Usually, tile or floor prepping is a demanding process and has to be done right to eliminate mistakes and speed up the process.

During your estimate, your project manager will analyze the steps necessary prior to installing tiles or flooring material. In most cases, prepping is included. If prepping a particular surface is extra demanding, we will let you know so your estimate reflects the final price as close as possible. 

Possible, but not always. In most cases, prepping is part of the project’s quote. If you are on a tight budget, please consult one of our specialist so you can find alternative solutions to save! While prepping seems easy, if not done properly, it may cause significant delays and incurring costs!

It all depends on the size of the project and the tiles used, of course! Always bear in mind that tile materials require some drying time prior and after installation, so we will do our best to keep installation times to the minimum by working quickly, yet efficiently!

You will be surprised! Before committing to buying new flooring material, have one of our specialists assess your floor. It’s surprising what proper refinishing and staining can do to an old floor!